American Heretics: The Politics of The Gospel
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In Oklahoma you can be a Democrat or a Christian — but not both. Why? The new documentary #AmericanHeretics comes to select theaters this summer. Learn more:

In the heartland, messages of love and kindness are embraced when they come from the pulpit, but not politicians. #AmericanHeretics screens in select theaters July 2019. Learn more:


Jesus calls his followers to feed the hungry, yet 1 in 4 children face food insecurity in Oklahoma — a state with more churches per capita than almost anywhere else. See #AmericanHeretics — now playing in select theaters.


Are we more concerned about saving souls from a future believed hell than the present-day hells they’re experiencing now? New doc #AmericanHeretics explores this + more. Now playing in select cinemas.


Welcome to Oklahoma, where Christianity is revered, but living its tenets can get you labeled a heretic. See what we mean in the new doc #AmericanHeretics, now playing in select theaters.


Across America’s heartland there’s a widening gulf between what Christians profess to believe and the policies they support at the ballot box. Why? #AmericanHeretics examines this phenomenon. See it in select theaters NOW!